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Laser Cut wood Craftsman-Style kits and detail parts for O, HO, S and N Scale.

Tools: We found that getting some of the specialized modeling tools is difficult depending on where you live.  So in addition to Kits and Detail parts, we now offer a few tools.  Look under our On-Line Catalog.  

February 2018: Finishing up on two new Watertanks.  Should have pictures up shortly.

February 2018: Completing the Creekside Truck Repair Kits and these will be available early April. 

February 2018: Completing the updated Ash Drug Kit.  This updated Kit will be available in O, S and HO Scales.  Avail early April. 

August 2017: Completed our new 48 ft long / 7ft to 14ft high Narrow Gauge Pile Trestle.

EH521 (HO Scale), EH5221 (S Scale) EH5021 (O Scale)

August 2017: Completed our new 48 ft long / 15 ft to 24ft high Narrow Gauge Pile Trestle.

EH520N (N Scale), EH520 (HO Scale), EH5220 (S Scale) EH5020 (O Scale)

Sept 2017: Working on our new EH2029 O Scale (EH229 HO Scale) Creekside Truck Repair Kit.  In addition to being laser cut, the kit will include the main building that shows expansion over the years, a separate Maintenance and storage shack, and of course an outhouse.  There will also be a S Scale version, but without all the white metal detail parts

Jan 2016: We retired the EH2007 Dollar Bros. Kit in O Scale on Jan 01, 2016. The Kit will be available only thru our Website and available until our remaining kit inventory is sold.