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Laser Cut wood Craftsman-Style kits and detail parts for O, HO, S and N Scale.

On this page we will provide you with Evergreen Hill Designs Kit Instruction Updates, clarifications and improvements when we find them and when our customer find them.  In some cases, this information can be used on any kit you may be building.  Most importantly, the information provided here is just one of the many ways to do something. Always experiment with any new process or technique on a peice of scrap before actually doing it on your model for the first time.... 

Our instructions reference Dio-Sol for use as a 50/50 wash.  Dio-Sol was a solvent from the Polly S Corp and the Polly S Corp was purchase by the Testers Corporation.  Since the purchase, it appears that Dio-Sol was discontinued and replaced by Testers Universal Thinner (8824).  While the Universal Thinner may be the replacement, it is not the same chemical formula.  Is this a problem?  We do not know either way.  However, for this application, we suggest that you experiment prior to using any alternative to Dio-Sol.

Note: A search of several suppliers and hobby shops revealed that there is some remaining inventory of Dio-Sol available for purchase.

Gray Primer
Our instructions refer to airbrushing all metal parts with a gray primer.  Make sure the primer you use an actual primer for this and not a paint that is the color of primer.  Floquil makes both actual primers and paint that is the color of primer.  Also, some primers are very thick and their application will fill in small details and with multiple coats, obscure fine details.  We recommend that you use a primer used for fine detail applications such as Testers 2782 Super Fine Gray Lacquer Primer or something similar. Although the Testers product is a Lacquer Primer, according to the Testers website, it can be used under all Testor/Model Master/Floquil and PollyScale Acrylics, Enamels or Lacquers. The website also notes that their Lacquer Primer can be used on plastic, white metal, metal, resin, contour putty and other fillers. 
Note: As always, check compatibilities before you mix any products.

Paint Colors
Our instructions reference the colors Rust, Brass, Antique White, Grime, Grimy Black, Gun Metal, Rust, and Brass.  All these colors are available from Testers Floquil in their Classic Railroad enamels paint line. 

NOTE: The colors and the Floquil brand are only a recommendation.  Feel free to use alternative colors or paint from other suppliers.  If you find something that works really well, please let us know so that we can let others know.

As an alternate to Testers, we also use the ComArt Paints that can be brushed on and they work well in an airbrush.  They make a Weathering Kit that contains 10 different colors that can be mixed to create almost any weathering shade you desire.  The colors include Dark Rust, Light Rust, Raw Sienna, Old Oil, Blue Gray Smoke, Smoke, Light Dust, Soft Dirt, Fertile Dirt and Opaque White.   Additionally, they make a Scenery Paint Set that I plan on trying on some new buildings I have in work.  The colors include Opaque Burnt Umber, Opaque Raw Umber, Opaque Iron Yellow, Opaque Deep Yellow, Opaque Sap Green, Opaque Chrome Green, Opaque Cerulean Blue, Opaque Toluedene Red, Opaque White and Transparent Black.

More to come....